Founder and President

Shri Salunkhe has also founded the following organisations to integrate Small and Medium entrepreneurs from manufacturing and service sectors. The objectives of these organisations are to support and assist entrepreneurs from various fields for business growth and expansion. He constantly puts efforts to resolve the issues and problems of the Industry and SME Sector.

Founder of Organisations
  • ➤ Maharashtra Industry Development Association (MIDA)
  • ➤ Small & Medium Business Development Chamber of India (SME Chamber of India)
  • ➤ India International Trade Centre (Trade and Investment Promotion Organisation)
  • ➤ Maratha International Business Association (MIBA)
  • ➤ Start - Ups Council of India
  • ➤ Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI)
  • ➤ SME Export Promotion Council
  • ➤ SME Business Management Institute
  • ➤ SME Importers Association of India
  • ➤ SME Technology Development Council
  • ➤ Maharashtra Investment Promotion Centre
  • ➤ SME Business Club
  • ➤ World SME Trade Centre
  • ➤ Mumbai Business Forum
  • ➤ Pune Business Forum

Under his leadership, the above organisations have been organising various national and international level activities for the promotion of Industries and SMEs, Investment, International Cooperation and providing interactive and networking platform for identifying new business opportunities as well as imparting knowledge and education.

Shri Salunkhe has been speaker at various international Conferences and Seminars namely, G-20 Conference on SME, SME Assembly by European Commission, SME and Industry Conference by Malaysian Government, Government of Turkey, CCPIT-China, UK, Canadian and USA Organisations and presented papers on SME Sector, Manufacturing, Finance, International Trade, Packaging Industry and Young Entrepreneurs / Start-ups.

Shri Salunkhe has also initiated various Bi-lateral Trade Promotion Divisions for enhancing connectivity between Indian and overseas entrepreneurs and SMEs, investors, Government Agencies, Multinational companies and other industries from UK, USA, Europe, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Gulf Countries, Turkey and African Countries.

Shri Salunkhe frequently travels to USA, Canada, UK, Israel, various European Countries, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE, South Africa, Oman, Mauritius, Qatar, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia for development of business, connectivity with heads of Organisations, Government Agencies and to address and attend various conferences as well as to participate in Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.

Mr. Salunkhe has represented various Government Committees, Study Groups, Sub-Committees and Panels to give inputs on Industry, Finance and SME Sector.

Representations: Governor’s Pre-Monetary Policy Review Committee of Reserve Bank of India Industry and Task Force, Maharashtra, under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Member, RBI Empowered Committee for SMEs and State Level Inter-Institutional Committee (SLIC) Member of National Advisory Board of MSME (2011-2013) Director on the Board of Bharat Heavy Plates and Vessels Ltd. (2002 – 2004)

Shri Chandrakant Salunkhe can be contacted on :